The provision of emergency lighting is generally a mandatory requirement within all industrial and commercial buildings, including, but not limited to hospitals, schools, colleges, care homes, factories, museums and retail outlets, plus multi story or high occupancy residential buildings.

It is provided to aid safe evacuation and/or enable normal activities to continue when the electrical supply to the normal lighting fails or is interrupted.

Emergency lighting contains a battery backup power source, which is continuously charged and designed to operate automatically and give illumination to a sufficiently high level, as determined by the recommended design standards  and classification of area or activity being carried out.

Most new buildings have emergency lighting integrated into their normal lighting system at construction stage, but it is still common for a building to have independent or standalone units installed as well.

Our team have extensive experience in all aspects of emergency lighting, both new and existing, and can offer a solution to suit your budgets and requirements. With solutions based around high quality products, including addressable and intelligent low energy LED self-test systems, we can offer substantial energy and cost of ownership savings.

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