Access Control

Traditional locks and keys allow you to secure your building, but keys can be lost, stolen and copied, in turn leading to the inconvenience and expense of changing locks and re-issuing keys. Electronic access control provides the most efficient way of monitoring and restricting or controlling flow of access, egress and movement.

A number of different solutions are available, which may incorporate one or more technologies including PIN, passive proximity (cards or fobs), active proximity and biometrics. The access control may be for a single standalone door within a particularly business sensitive or vulnerable area, through to a fully networked multi-area or building system.

Audio and Video Entry systems are also provided to control entry into a building or site; these systems may be interfaced and integrated with Automatic Gates, Bollards or Barriers.

Here at SFA, we use industry leading open platform solutions to offer the greatest levels of flexibility as well as 3rd party system enhancements and integration, which may include IP camera inputs, triggers & actions, Time & Attendance and Roll Call reporting.

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